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Those Days When You Needed Extra Sauce

11 Apr

For every bad day of attempted yard work, there’s hollandaise sauce.

We recently acquired some old kitchen cabinets from our even older family cabin that have been retired in a storage community since Clinton was president. There comes a moment when you’re cleaning out a storage unit where you decide that every ludicrous up-cycle you can dream up is a fantastic idea. I’m not sure if any of them were brilliant or if I’m just too cheap to pay someone to get rid of my family’s old junk. We may know by the year 2043 because that’s about the time I will have finished all of these charmingly unique projects.

It was around the end of The Great Storage Evacuation Project of 2012 & 2013 that we planted our garden starts for the year and I went to work on convincing my husband that spending hundreds of dollars on a garden for me to kill was a good idea because it would be a fun and educational experience for Cannon. I poured over plans for raised beds and container gardens in an effort to find the attractive and cheap option I was looking for. As I stood, sweaty and dusty looking up at a towering white kitchen cabinet, I realized the answer was right in front of me. We lovingly tossed the kitchen furniture into our side yard for two months, preventing the landscaper from being able to keep it from growing into a jungle. Naturally, this maximized the amount of work there was to do when I would finally announce to the family that I was sick of staring at the ugly, overgrown side yard with the dilapidated furniture cemetary, dammit.


Aaron cursed me affectionately as he laid the cabinet down, with Cannon’s help, of course.


┬áThe guys drilled some holes around the bottom and lower sides of the cabinet so that our sprouts don’t get soggy. As they did, I wondered when this cabinet was painted last.












It was about that time, I figured I would worry about lead poisoning another day and get to fixing dinner. We had farm fresh asparagus in our organic produce box this week and hubby picked up some steaks. On the grill, they went, while I threw together a salad. Our weekly special for the pizza biz last week was a Greek pie so we have some extra feta cheese and kalamata olives lying around. I added some sundried tomatoes and topped the red leaf lettuce that we get in our box every week. Some garlic-infused olive oil and balsamic reduction were the perfect dressing. For such a simple salad, I was in heaven! It had so much flavor with very little effort on my part. Now, although I appreciate a tasty meal from scratch, I digress when it comes to this sauce! I’ve tried hollandaise from scratch countless times and I just can’t beat the effortless preparation of the Knorr’s packet. I was craving that Sunday brunch staple so I whipped it up while the steaks rested. Perfection!



2 Apr

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